Windows, Bi-Fold Doors and Roof Lanterns in Kingswood, Surrey

Heritage have recently completed this house renovation in Kingswood Surrey – including new bi-fold doors, skylights, internal divider doors and full length aluminium windows. We were approached in the summer of 2016 at the very beginning of a large house extension and renovation. The client wanted to maintain a more neutral interior look which would work well with their chosen French Style Decor – the outside was to portray a modern home, with the aluminium windows and doors fitting seamlessly with the rendered exterior.

All external windows and doors were finished in dual RAL colours to match the client’s needs. A darker grey on the inside and a much lighter, washed out grey chosen on the outside with handles and ironmongery to match. This darker tone on the internal metalwork was a closer match to the internal glass divider doors which were fitted throughout the renovation.

These glass divider doors are a new addition to the Heritage range and are a modern, more streamlined take on the classic metal doors with their Art Deco style design. The doors are a perfect divide for splitting any large space but still maintains excellent light transmission through the predominately glass design. They really do work in any situation and can be installed in a variety of spaces and locations with sizes, colour and number of doors completely tailored to personal requirements.


To maximise natural daylight, dual skylights were fitted – one above the kitchen (2 metres long) and another larger skylight measuring just over 5 metres in length above the lounge / dining area. Skylights are a wonderful way to bring in natural daylight and can be fitted to new builds, renovations and even existing roof spaces – and we can even advise on if additional support is needed.

Lastly, the longest wall of the renovation was fitted with bi-folds doors, 6 individual doors with one traffic door measuring just over 7 metres in total. These glass doors really do bring the outside-in and we know the client can’t wait till spring to get them open!

In total there were 19 new aluminium windows and 26 individual aluminium doors and a whopping 176 individual panes of glass! Take a look through the gallery below!